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Our “chess piece” logo embodies many of the concepts we share with our clients. First, chess is thoughtful and strategic, and our practice centers on a mindset of abundance and gratitude rather than the short-term win-lose mentality of wall street. We frame our savings and investment discussions through the prism of our 7 Principles of Prosperity. The very first principle is THINK, and we like our clients to be able to apply that thought process across their entire economy rather than individual spaces within the financial game board.

Next, you’ll also note that our chess piece actually has three parts, even though it comes together as one picture. John thinks the most complex subjects can be viewed best by focusing on 3 main points. In finances, we think those three points are savings, investments, and strategies. The base is a solid savings program, the center your investments, and the top represents the strategies and principles to select and employ your personal economy as life dictates. Life happens, and that means our financial plans have to be as resilient and ready to handle emergencies, opportunities, and anything in between. Even life’s complexities can be viewed through the three main factors that make us human : mind, body, and spirit. At times, all three of these areas of our life can impact our finances.

That mind, body, spirit connection also invokes the capstone or third and final point about our logo. That’s why John may talk to you about your mindset, health, and faith journey as well as your finances. And yes, even the choice of the chess piece, the King, has meaning.

Truth Prosperity is one of several Partners for Prosperity, LLC. (P4P) advisor agencies, and was established because we found the typical financial planning environment to be misleading, and limiting. Financial planners usually operate under an assets under management model that increases the costs to their clients over time, actually makes money less efficient, and worse, still leaves the investors with all the risk!

Bluntly put, typical financial planning has failed a generation of savers now entering retirement. While it can be better than nothing, some planners give people a false sense of security because their output is ultimately based on many half-truths and even faulty or unknown assumptions.

Our approach is different, perhaps even revolutionary, to some. We call it “Prosperity Economics,” and it’s a model for building safe, sustainable wealth.

Prosperity Economics maximizes what you have, minimizes taxes (not just now, but in the future), and keeps money in your control. It focuses on cash flow rather than accumulation, and it protects wealth rather than subjecting it to constant risk.

We do a lot of things differently at Truth Prosperity. We don’t want to “manage your assets” or use your money to speculate what the market or the economy might do. We DO want to empower YOU to:

  • Take back control of your money from a financial industry that often doesn’t have your best interests in mind.
  • Think differently about wealth by learning to apply the 7 Principles of Prosperity to your finances and your life.
  • Establish your financial foundation by storing cash in safe, tax-advantaged accounts that earn a respectable return.
  • Build your net worth in reliable investment vehicles shielded from stock market risk.
  • Grow your cash flow while minimizing associated taxes and fees.
  • Discover strategies to “live long and prosper” without ever worrying about running out of money.

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