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    Why We're Different?

    Brokerages and planners are usually compensated by "percentage of assets under management" and provide products under "suitability" rules. We operate under Series 65 "Fiduciary" standards that put the client first without regard to compensation. We don't want to compete with stock, bond or mutual fund salespeople, but seek to educate our clients in what we call Prosperity Economics, using less volatile savings and investments that can help you achieve financial freedom and peace of mind.

  • Banks and CDs

    Why not use them?

    It wasn't that long ago when a saver could get a solid 6% interest or better in a bank CD. Now, it's hard to find 1%, and some banks here and overseas even have negative interest rates. But at least it's safe.....right? The FDIC guarantees it. Well, consider we have $9 Trillion sitting in US bank vaults. Only $6 Trillion of that actually meets the FDIC rules to be covered by their guarantees. Yet they have only $41 Billion in reserves to meet those guarantees. Feeling safe now? Try walking into your bank and getting $10,000 of cash out of your own account. They will most likely have to offer you a cashier's check or ask you to come back in a few days. And if you want a loan, even for less than what you have on deposit, how many forms do you have to fill out? Instead, consider saving where the bankers themselves and corporations put their cash: in highly liquid, dividend-paying, whole life policies with guaranteed cash values and loan provisions. We'll show you how to create your own "family bank".

  • Stocks and Bonds

    Why they fall short?

    John is hugely optimistic about our country, even during the most dire times. He believes in capitalism and has personally benefited from stock and bond investments. But why do investment portfolio statements never seem to match what the plans say? Because the average 10% return figures they use in their marketing pieces was not met with a steady 10% climb, but filled with volatility and even losses. Truthful research can prove a steady, no loss return of 5% per year can actually beat an "average" return of 10% or even 25% in the market over the given time period. That volatility also wears on us as investors, and often takes us out of the most volatile investments at the worse possible time. More importantly, our need for money doesn't always come when markets are going up. College costs or retirement drawdowns from a stock and bond portfolio during a down market can have huge consequences far beyond anything your financial planner may have shared with you. Truly non-correlated investments and savings can smooth market volatility and actually enhance your return while reducing risk.

  • Your Money

    How we can help?

    If you care enough about your money to learn new strategies about keeping, storing, using, and investing your money, than you may have found a new financial partner with Truth Prosperity. No one cares more about your money than you, and we want you to have the facts and confidence to move forward with every financial move.

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