Safety of principle does not have to mean sub 2% CD returns.  Many of our clients come to us because they are afraid of the markets and believe our country is on a path of destruction.  We understand those fears, and we’ve embraced alternative investments that are not correlated to the stock and bond markets, but not because we have lost confidence in our country.   

Yes, as our government has grown, so too has its power of regulation, taxation, and control over our lives.   While not actually a part of our government, the Federal Reserve has wielded more power over our government and citizens than most understand.  But the imagination and ingenuity of ordinary American Citizens will prevail.   Our future will see extraordinary advances.  Truth Prosperity wants their clients to be prepared for these opportunities.

Stock and Bond market investors today are operating in a “rigged” environment where the financial industry, the IRS, banks, and corporate insiders have their advantages built into the system.  A win-lose market mentality makes it even harder for the average investor to  stay focused on a long term wealth building strategy.  Prosperity Economics advisors seek win-win savings and investments outside of wall street, where we can focus with an abundance mindset to take advantage of the many opportunities in our lives.